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HPS in the Media

In the course of its dynamic development HPS as Europe´s subsystem specialist has grown to be of central public interest. Besides all acknowledgement of the company’s economic and technological success more and more also its role in public policy receives attention:

at home in Bavaria and Germany, where the country’s economic power rests to a great deal on a multitude of „hidden champions“ of the mittelstand, HPS has assumed the long orphaned role of the „M“ in SME and takes a whole range of smaller companies along on its growth track, and with its international engagement in Portugal – as well as also in other key countries in future – HPS opens new perspectives at home as well as doors for the consequent expansion within Europe and to intercontinental markets. So, for example, politics as well as press of Portugal, acknowledge the outstanding example of HPS for the industrial and economic recovery process of the country.

Selected reports about HPS in the media

Kleidung für Satelliten

Publication: 03-2015
File size: 490 KB (PDF)

O Alfaiada do Espaco

Publication: 03-2015
File size: 1,2 MB (PDF)

Newsletter der Botschaft von Portugal in Deutschland

Publication: 10-2014
File size: 290 KB (PDF)

Hightech im Reinformat

Publication: 01-2014
File size: 290 KB (PDF)

Deutsch-Portugiesisches Unternehmen erobert das All

Publication: 01-2014
File size: 2 MB (PDF)

Smarte Lösungen für Starke Partner (Luft- und Raumfahrt)

Publication: 09-2013
File size: 2 MB (PDF)

KMU HPS GmbH (Newsletter Countdown)

Publication: 07-2013
File size: 3 MB (PDF)

Know the risks

Publication: 05-2012
File size: 2 MB (PDF)

KMU (DLR Newsletter Countdown)

Publication: 04-2012
File size: 1,1 MB (PDF)

Carbon Nanotubes (Schwerpunkt)

Publication: 02-2012
File size: 517 KB (PDF)

Isolamentos Térmicos para o Espaço Made in Portugal

Publication: 07-2011
File size: 1 MB (PDF)

Strategische Partnerschaften und Technologietransfer

Publication: 09-2009
File size: 2 MB (PDF)

INEGI e HPS GmbH firmam parceira direccionada…

Publication: 05-2007
File size: 468 KB (PDF)

INEGI Cria Spin-off Espacial…(Journal de Negocios)

Publication: 05-2007
File size: 742 KB (PDF)

HPS-Ableger geht nach Portugal (Raumfahrt-Wirtschaft)

Publication: 05-2007
File size: 175 KB (PDF)

German Spinoff to Target ESA Business in Portugal

Publication: 04-2007
File size: 2 MB (PDF)