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Smart Structures

Spacecrafts have to rely only on the intelligence that they have been equipped with before lift-off. That is why HPS implants microtechnology for self-control from manufacturing and test to mission directly into the respective structure – with RFID-technology, electro-active polymeres, carbon-nanotubes (CNT), fibre optics and piezo-ceremic sensors for vibration control.

This application reaches even beyond space technology, since intense research and development have paved the way for a patent that HPS has registered also for the automotive and aerospace sector: contactless damage assessment in fibre components. Thanks to RFID-technology energy and signals can reach the implanted microsensors and -actuators without a touch. A small shock sent out to the wing of a plane, to a component of a satellite or of a racing car is all it takes: immediately the system responds and sends the test data back on a handheld for the engineer to check the system – again without a touch. HPS plans to open a national cooperation in order to prepare this innovative system for the market.

For further information please contact our chief engineer.

→ Success Trajectory

Health monitoring, Fibre Optics & RFID


  • Health monitoring of space structures (temperature, stress, cracks)
  • Implementation of fibre optical sensors into/onto structures
  • RFID technology for space station, satellite assembly & testing (logistics, health monitoring, reporting)


  • Reflectors
  • Satellite structures
  • Large masts

Patent on contactless health monitoring of aircraft or automotive structures (development partners welcome).

Adaptable & Morphing Structures


  • Structural Deformation Control for highly accurate pointing
  • Active vibration damping of large deployable structures
  • Realization by fibre-optics, piezo ceramics, electro-active polymers
  • Morphing re-entry structures for performance increase
  • Adaptable thermal protection material
  • International collaboration with academia and industry.