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Lightweight Structures

The predominant feature of lightweight structures made by HPS is: extreme. Extremely light, extreme stability against thermo-elastic deformation, extreme electric and thermal conductivity, and extreme geometrical accuracy.

In most cases HPS utilizes high-modulus carbon fibres in combination with special resin. systems. The portfolio offered ranges from secondary structures and architectures for satellites made of CFRP and metal over mechanical subassemblies for onboard instruments and payloads to pure CFRP-integrals.

In most cases HPS serves as prime contractor; in addition, the company also offers engineering services in support of the customers´ own developments.

Thanks to a comprehensive data bank grown out of numberless campaigns of characterization over the past 15 years HPS can refer to a wealth of information regarding the behavior of composite materials.

For further inquiries please contact our chief engineer.

Success Trajectory

Structures for Satellites


  • Structural panels out of CFRP
  • High thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Innovative grounding rail and grounding concepts
  • New concepts engineering (e.g. hexagonal tube concept)
  • Vibro-acoustic simulation
  • Secondary and terciary structures
  • Brackets, interfaces, inserts

Instrument Sub-Assemblies


  • Optical baffles (large and small size)
  • Optical benches and assemblies
  • Telescope assemblies
  • Full assembly development chain (design, analysis, manufacturing, assembly, assembly level testing)
  • Engineering services

CFRP Composites


  • CFRP composite lightweight structures and assemblies
  • Triaxial extreme lightweight structures and substrates
  • Hybrid laminates (CFRP/Titanium)
  • Composite struts and truss works
  • Elaboration of CFRP failure criteria
  • Elaboration of delamination assessment tools
  • Contribution to „Black Satellites“