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Multilayer Insulation (MLI)

As one stop provider HPS delivers tailor-made multilayer-insulations (MLI) of all sizes and any degree of complexity: thermal design, definition of layer architecture, CAD-design, cutting, edge-finishing, grounding, characterization of performance and acceptance testing.

In addition, HPS-teams from Germany are available day or night to integrate the finished blankets to the flight hardware: efficiency, flexibility and speed “on demand”.

Engineering as well as management, system-engineering and final integration onto the flight hardware is offered by HPS Germany whereas the production is performed by HPS´s former daughter company FHP-Portugal. This is an advantage also when the question of georeturn plays a significant role in the whole project setup. With its perfect combination of engineeringresources and on the basis of highly modern cleanroom manufacturing capacities MLI made by HPS have conquered a steady growing market share.

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Success Trajectory

Spacecraft & Planetary Mission MLI

Reference project examples:

  • ExoMars 2016-EDM


  • MLI for complete satellites or planetary spacecrafts
  • External & internal MLI for spacecraft engineered to meet
  • Customer requirements for each part
  • Thermal protection of complex shapes e.g. pipes and tanks
  • Large blankets up to 3 m² possible
  • Compliance with planetery protection and bioburden requirements

Space Telescope MLI

Reference project examples:



  • MLI close to sensitive hardware e.g. optical, IR, UV or X-ray mirrors
  • Engineered venting paths avoid contamination of sensitive hardware

  • Large blankets up to 3 m. possible

  • High cleanliness manufacturing in class 1.000 cleanroom

  • Maximum cleanliness up to class 100 possible for smaller parts

Instrument & Equipment MLI

Reference project examples:

  • CASSIS on ExoMars
  • Grace-FO LRI


  • MLI for any type of instrument or equipment
  • Small blankets down to 50 cm² possible
  • MLI layup for instruments & equipment engineered to meet customer requirements for each single area
  • Thermal protection of complex shapes e.g. support struts, apertures, mechanisms

High Temperature MLI

Reference project examples:

  • ExoMars 2016-NOMAD
  • ExoMars 2016-Thrusters


  • High temperature MLI for temperatures > 120°C
  • Verification of Temperaturresistance
  • Use of tape mitigated by sewing MLI blankets
  • MLI layup engineered to meet customer requirements

Antenna-MLI & Sunshields

Reference project example:

  • MLI for Ka-band reflector on Heinrich Herz
  • MLI for Ka-band reflector on EUCLID
  • Sunshield for Antenna on Heinrich Hertz
  • MLI for large deployable reflector subsystem LEA


  • Sunshields for reflector antennas and other antennas
  • Procurement of standard sunshield raw material
  • Tailoring of sunshield to minimize RF performance losses