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Who we are

In the industrial space world the subsystems specialist HPS keeps its own exclusive position right in the middle between the many small and the very few large enterprises – HPS is the „M“ in SME:

  • self reliant and managed by owners like the small companies
  • strongly growing and internationally present like the large ones
  • focused on the level of subsystems and accordingly positioned exactly between product providers and system primes.

In addition and based on this strong position HPS, represented in person by CEO Dr.-Ing. Ernst K. Pfeiffer, holds a range of functions serving the the European space community:

  • spokesman of the German space-SME committee „AKRK“ within DLR
  • coordinating member of SME-association “Best-of-Space”
  • corporate member of the „German Asscociation of Aeronautics and Aerospace e.V.“, Bonn
  • member of “Bavarian Aerospace Cluster“ (
  • member of “BDI NewSpace Inititiativ”