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Reflector Antennas

Antennas represent one of the company´s four subsystem domains that HPS fully covers with a portfolio ranging from side-deployable antannas, top deck- and feeder link-antennas over dual gridded, GNSS- and large deployable antennas, up to radar- and even ground-antennas.

Deployable Antennas (LEA)

Increasing complexity of space-based applications for civil and defense purposes will also in future require large deployable antennas, while at the same time the demand for lower costs of transportation inevitably leads to smaller units also. Large deployable antennas will become for some applications the strategic key to space-technology to solve this dilemma.


The space debris environment especially in the low earth orbit (LEO) is an increasing risk for all spaceflight missions. Without effective mitigation measures the debris density will increase to a level where spaceflight becomes more and more endangered up to even impossible.