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What we do

The portfolio HPS offers to institutional and commercial customers from the international space community is clearly structured:

  • Turnkey subsystems: units composed of complex, some of even interdisciplinary elements with interfaces directly to the satellite- or spacecraft-system; HPS subsystems are communication antennas, large deployable reflectors incl. arm (LEA), thermal hardware (incl. MLI) and deployable de-orbit sails (ADEO)
  • Subsystem integrals as key- and/or cross-sectional technologies for many different space applications. Even as small integrals for several functional requirements they represent subsystems within the frame of the large final product. Subsystem integrals are lightweight structures made of carbon fibre (CFRP) and metal, radiators, intelligent structures, and MGSE.
  • Subsystem elements, single mechanical and thermal parts for integration by the customer; examples are CFRP-electronic housings, reentry- and launcher components, and materials generated through innovative processings like mechanical/thermal connectivity elements from the field of nano technology or Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM).

As specialists in areas mentioned above we also offer technology studies and engineering services for research and development, ranging from structural, thermal and vibro-acoustical analysis to mechanical, thermal and antenna design plus complete solutions for development tasks. In addition, we offer the production and the development of reflective, finely woven metal meshes with our 50% daughter company HPtex GmbH.