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Mechanical & Thermal Interface Elements

In Germany as well as in Romania HPS develops mechanical and thermal elements not only for the company`s own subsystems and integrals, but also custommade for clients, for example in the area of RF-interfaces or scientific instruments. Both sites profit from the knowhow in regard to design, analysis, materials and processes that they have won in the context of their own subsystem- and integrals-projects. Comprehensive tests for characterization and/or qualification reliably verify the function of these vital elements, which are in most cases so called „single points of failure“. On behalf of ESA HPS also realizes a range of technology developments projects in order to evaluate feasibility, to test the limits of performance – and to prepare critical technologies for missions.

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Mechanical Elements


  • Isostatic mounts
  • Interface brackets
  • Joints between Aluminum housings and CFRP satellite panels
  • CFRP Struts with metal fittings up to complete trussworks
  • Secondary and terciary structural parts for satellites
  • Housings
  • Metal and CFRP subassemblies

Thermal Elements


  • Heat-flow blocking interface struts
  • Thermal waschers
  • Thermal straps
  • Interfaces between service module and payload module
  • MLI
  • Radiator elements

RF Elements


  • RF components
  • Elements for reduced RF reflectivity („RF-invisible“)
  • Application at dual gridded antennas
  • Application at center fed antennas
  • Tested in various characterisation tests on sample level
  • Tested on DGR-level together with Airbus-F and MDA