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Based on the European Cooperation on Space Standardization ECSS HPS also offers capacities to external customers. Highly qualified personnel from Portugal and/or Germany supports customers either directly at their sites or in the frame of individually defined working packages, like:

Project management:

Compensating for staff shortage and/or missing experiences in specific fields of space business/processes of companies and/or institutions (reference examples: payloaddummies on Ariane 5, development of material hybrids for space applications).

Development and Engineering:

  • General engineering from study-level to flight hardware (mechanical, thermal, antenna technologies)
  • Special space engineering tasks (reference examples: cover structure mechanical design phase C/D for EnMap, design and analysis of satellite parts for phase B for Heinrich Hertz, structural analysis for instruments for ISS)
  • Engineering for terrestial applications (reference examples: components for ESOtelescope, HAI-research facility in France)

Material characterization:

In the field of material characterization for space applications HPS offers management and coordination capacities including analysis of testing results.


  • coordination and realization of manufacturing tasks integration service regarding structures (reference example: HPS Portugal integration support for EUCLID-sunshield)
  • integration services regarding MLI with Portugese and/or German personnel, depending on integration location, flexible, day and night

In addition HPS offers trainings and technology transfer in the area of reflector antennas and CFRP.

Project Management


  • Project Management for technology- or product-developments
  • Management of test and integration campaigns
  • Quality-assurance
  • Subcontractor-/supplier-management
  • Requirement and interface management
  • Document management
  • Management of technical workshops
  • Customers: academia, institutes, agencies, industry

Engineering & Development


  • Systems engineering
  • Mechanical Design
  • Structural Analysis
  • Thermal Design & Analysis
  • Thermo-elastic Analysis
  • Vibro-acoustic Analysis
  • Kinematic Analysis
  • RF Design & Analysis
  • Thermal protection engineering
  • Test prediction and correlation

Material Characterisation


  • Definition of test plans and procedures
  • Selection of most suitable test institutes or test houses, or HPS internal
  • Properties: mechanical, electrical, thermal, thermo-elastic, dynamic, acoustic, RF, electro-magnetic, radiation
  • Characterisation on material- sample- or breadboard level
  • Evaluation of test results
  • Reporting, documentation

Manufacturing, Assembly, Integration, Test (MAIT)


  • Manufacturing of parts and subassemblies (with partner compenies in Germany or Portugal)
  • Assembly and alignment of subsystems
  • Integration as support for the Customer on site
  • Integration of own MLI onto flight hardware
  • Product testing with partner test houses like IABG, SGS or ESTEC
  • Vibration, shock, acoustic, thermal, thermo-elastic distortion, RF, PIM, EMC, optical measurements