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HPS is Prepared to Provide ADEO Special Stealth Sail Edition for Europe´s IRIS2 Constellation Satellites

May 2023

HPS is Prepared to Provide ADEO Special Stealth Sail Edition for Europe´s IRIS² Constellation Satellites

The ever-growing number of satellites orbiting Earth presents a significant challenge in terms of space debris management. As space agencies and private companies deploy increasing numbers of satellites, finding effective and sustainable solutions for their safe disposal has become paramount. In this regard, the ADEO Deorbit Sail, developed by HPS offers a groundbreaking technology that enables controlled and efficient satellite deorbiting for mitigating space debris and ensuring long-term sustainability in space. By harnessing the natural forces present in space, such as solar radiation pressure and atmospheric drag, the sail facilitates controlled reentry of satellites into Earth’s atmosphere at the end of their operational life.

ADEO has already reached ESA´s hightest level of maturity, TRL 9 and proven its reliability on a number of spaceflights; getting ready to serve Europe´s new constellation IRIS2 its NewSpace-team at HPS, Munich, take it even one step further and introduce the ADEO special “stealth” sail edition. While irritating reflections and view blocking effects of conventional constellations like Starlink cause a permanent nuisance to other users of space like astronomers during flight and deorbit, the constructors of Europe´s constellation IRIS2 are going can count on to receive from HPS an exclusive offer for a special version: the ADEO Stealth Sail –invisible, fully transparent and also available for most satellite types and operational orbits.

As HPS-CEO Ernst K. Pfeiffer explains: “Our ADEO deorbit system already presents numerous benefits and applications in satellite end-of-life management like cost- & mass-effective and sustainable deorbiting, compliance with current and future Space Debris Mitigation Guidelines, flexibility and adaptability. Now, with the special stealth version for dedicated to the architects of Europe´s IRIS2 constellation we take the decisive step to let Europe set yet another standard in space sustainability”.