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Multilayer Insulation (MLI)

As one stop provider HPS manufactures and delivers tailor-made multilayer-insulations of all sizes and any degree of complexity: thermal design, definition of layer architecture, CAD-design, cutting, edge-finishing, grounding, characterization of performance and acceptance testing.

In addition, HPS-teams from Germany and Portugal are available day or night to integrate the finished blankets to the flight hardware: Efficiency, flexibility and speed on demand.

Design, analysis, and development tests as well as managament and system-engineering are equally available from Portugal and Germany at customer´s choice. This is an advantage also when the question of georeturn plays a significant role in the whole project setup. With its perfect combination of Portugese and German resources and on the basis of its own highly modern cleanroom manufacturing capacities in Portugal MLI made by HPS have conquered a steady growing market share, so that the number of technicians and engineers in Portugal only has doubled over the last three years.

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Success Trajectory

Spacecraft & Planetary Mission MLI


Reference project examples:

  • ExoMars 2016-EDM


  • MLI for complete satellites or planetary spacecrafts
  • External & internal MLI for spacecraft engineered to meet
  • Customer requirements for each part
  • Thermal protection of complex shapes e.g. pipes and tanks
  • Large blankets up to 3 m² possible
  • Compliance with planetery protection and bioburden requirements

Space Telescope MLI


Reference project examples:



  • MLI close to sensitive hardware e.g. optical, IR, UV or X-ray mirrors
  • Engineered venting paths avoid contamination of sensitive hardware

  • Large blankets up to 3 m. possible

  • High cleanliness manufacturing in class 1.000 cleanroom

  • Maximum cleanliness up to class 100 possible for smaller parts

Instrument & Equipment MLI


Reference project examples:

  • CASSIS on ExoMars
  • Grace-FO LRI


  • MLI for any type of instrument or equipment
  • Small blankets down to 50 cm² possible
  • MLI layup for instruments & equipment engineered to meet customer requirements for each single area
  • Thermal protection of complex shapes e.g. support struts, apertures, mechanisms

High Temperature MLI


Reference project examples:

  • ExoMars 2016-NOMAD
  • ExoMars 2016-Thrusters


  • High temperature MLI for temperatures > 120°C
  • Verification of Temperaturresistance
  • Use of tape mitigated by sewing MLI blankets
  • MLI layup engineered to meet customer requirements

RF-Invisible MLI & Sunshields


Reference project example:

  • Sunshield for Antenna on Heinrich Hertz


  • RF invisible MLI for sensitive antenna applications
  • Reduction of RF reflectivity and therefore increase of antenna performance
  • Sunshields for reflector antennas and other antennas
  • Procurement of standard sunshield raw material
  • Tailoring of sunshield to minimize RF performance losses

Ground MLI


Reference project examples:

  • MPI Panter x-ray test facility
  • SOLAR ORBITER thermal dummies


  • MLI for ground applications, e.g. ground test facilities, thermal shrouds, test setups, dummies, ground support equipment
  • For space technology test facilities: cost-efficient tailored solutions using space-proved, low-outgassing material
  • For terrestrial applications: Custom made solutions based on space heritage
  • Large blankets up to 3 m² are possible