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New Materials & Process

On the basis of a wide range of national and international development projects HPS has collected specific knowledge about the behavior and features of materials as well as recipipies for certain applications – knowledge that today is the backbone of a truly unique data base. This is also the formula of HPS` success in securing the company´s leading position in the area of carbon nanotubes (CNT) as well as for the systematic exploitation of market niches for new materials, for example hybrids serving connection purposes or as protection against radiation. Also new process areas like “Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM)/3D-Printing” is the focus of HPS. In most cases of research and development HPS assumes, on the basis of its widely acknowledged knowhow, the role of the prime in respective networks of industry and science.


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Radiation Protection Materials



  • Protection of single electronic-elements up to complete satellites
  • Implementation of new materials and material combinations
  • Combination with CFRP (embedded or applied on top like MLI)
  • Specific needs e.g. on ESA‘s JUICE mission to Jupiter

6. 3D-Printing



  • Additive Manufacturing of:
    • Hinge (Ti)
    • Radiator Baffle (Al)
    • Membrane Support Bracket (Al)
    • Antenna (Ti/AL)
  • Integration of components
  • Reduced assembly effort
  • Mass and cost saving
  • New design possibilities
  • Developing of Design Guidelines for AM

Composite Materials in General



  • PAN-fibre- & pitch fibre composites
  • Epoxy- or cyanat ester resins
  • CFRP honeycomb core
  • Glass fibre or aramid fibre composites
  • Joining with titan sheets or metal joints

Carbon Nanotube Based Composites (CNT)



  • Application for electronic housings, optical baffles, radiators, satellite structures, joints & adhesives, tribology
  • More than 10 development projects performed in contract to ESA or nationally co-funded or internal funding since 2005
  • HPS Germany mostly leading the development
  • Collaboration with Austria, Portugal, Greece, Czech Republic, France
  • Carbon Nanotubes, Graphenes, Carbon Black, other nano-materials
  • In combination with CFRP, metal, ceramic or only with polymer resin

9. Short Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Composites (SMC)

bild-rechts-HICCS-Engineering model__kleines Bild rechts

Features (in cooperation with Blackwave GmbH, project HICCS):

  • Carbon fiber sheet molding compound (C-SMC).
  • Mechanical properties are comparable to those of high performance aluminum alloys with 45% less density.
  • SMC parts exposed to high thermal loads do not change their shape due to the low coefficient of thermal expansion.
  • Manufacturing of complex parts with integrated ribs, inserts, changes in wall thickness and small radii offers high design freedom.