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Launcher and Re-entry Technology

HPS develops, manufactures and integrates – also at its two sites in Germany and Portugal – high performance elements for launcher and reentry technologies like ablators for entering the earths or other planets´ atmospheres, high temperature insulations for reusable spacecrafts; HPS also develops sensors and delivers thermal protection elements ready for integration into launchers.

Above that, HPS Portugal offers capacities in material machining, sensor implantation and integration of all kinds of elements. Special features of those particularly cost-efficient services are: light weight, configuration of materials as well as processes individually tailormade to customer specifications. This portfolio is also adaptable for manufacturing processes in the aerospace and automotive sectors.


Ablators (Expandable)



  • Ablator material development for different entry profiles
  • Ablator dimensioning, design and analysis
  • Collaboration with Airbus-F (as prime or as subcontractor)
  • Planning, controlling and evaluation of chracterisation tests in Plasma test facilities at IRS or DLR in Germany
  • Service at HPS-Portugal for ablator cutting, machining, integration, sensor implementation

High Temperature Insulation (Re-usable)


Medium Temperature Insulation Package (HPI-1000):

  • Max. Shingle Temp.: 1.000°C for 1.200 sec
  • Max. Cold Structure Temp.: 170°C
  • Location: Windward surfaces
  • Lifetime: 50 re-entries, 15 years
  • Thickness: 40 mm
  • Weight: < 4 kg/m2

High Temperature Insulation Package (HPI-1600):

  • Max. Shingle Temp.: 1.600°C for 1.200 sec
  • Max. Cold Structure Temp.: 170°C
  • Location: Nose Cap/Leading Edges
  • Lifetime: 50 re-entries, 15 years
  • Thickness: 80 mm
  • Weight: < 8 kg/m2

Thermal Protection



  • Thermal protection design, procurement, machining, glueing and surface finishing
  • Tailoring, sewing and integration of multi-layer thermal protections for aircraft and space applications (see also under Multi-Layer Insulation)
  • Reference: Thermal protection of a camera housing on VEGA-launcher (performed by HPS-Portugal in contract to OHB-Munich)




  • Assembly service: material plates cutting and machining, sensor implementation into ablator material (performed in HPS-Portugal in contract to Airbus-F)
  • Development of lightweight flight sensors and measurement techniques for planetary entry probes and vehicles monitoring (lead by HPS Germany in contract to ESA in collaboration with HTG, IRS, DLR and Airbus-F)
  • Integration services