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Subsystem Elements


Electronic Housing

Since 2005 HPS has continuously developed CFC-based technologies in the context of national and ESA-programs in order to replace unnecessarily heavy and expensive aluminum housings for electronic equipment by electronic housings made of carbon fibre composites.

3_2_1 Mechanical Elements_LABUM_NW_a

Mechanical and Thermal Interface Elements

In Germany as well as in Portugal HPS develops mechanical and thermal elements not only for the company`s own subsystems and integrals, but also for clients, for example in the area of RF-interfaces or instruments.


Launcher and Re-entry Technology

HPS develops, manufactures and integrates – also at its two sites in Germany and Portugal – high performance elements for launcher and reentry technologies like ablators for entering the earths or other planets´ atmospheres, high temperature insulations for reusable spacecrafts; HPS also develops sensors and delivers thermal protection elements ready for integration into launchers.


New Materials

On the basis of a wide range of national and international development projects HPS has collected specific knowledge about the behavior and features of materials as well as recipipies for certain applications – knowledge that today is the backbone of a truly unique data base.