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What we guarantee

Despite its acknowledged and certified highest quality standards HPS ALWAYS targets at offering the most efficient proposal in any competition. This applies not only to the manufacting of MLI and to other products like reflector antennas or to quality in general, even if the difference HPS makes in those particular fields is particularly striking. It is also true for research tasks, for tests and simulations, as well as for service functions HPS fulfills as „extended workbench“ for its customers: We at HPS put a pricetag to the job in the beginning, not in the end.

This is our guarantee – signed and sealed.

HPS is officially certified according to EN 9100:2018 , in Germany as well as in Romania. All HPS-sites use identical manuals and follow exactly the same procedures on the highest possible level which is a precondition for certification, but not at all the standard in this business.