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Space Institutions

Since ten years and longer the European space agency ESA continually entrusts HPS with the development of technologies of high impact for future European space projects. Prominent examples are antennas in Q/V-band, radar applications, masts of extreme accuracy, deployable subsystems like sails, antennas for earth observation and internet, latest CFRP-technologies, nano-technology, families of ablators for entry of the atmospheres of Mars and earth. Per year in avarage five new technology development orders are awarded to HPS.

Driving the European space exploration programs ESA – like its primes – also has an eye on the selection of HPS competing Europe-wide on ranks two and three in the whole supply chain.

MLI-integration by HPS teams to flight hardware of Mars-lander EDM directly on the premises of Thales Alenia Space (© photo HPS)


Large Space System Integrators

Directly contracted by the primes, large system integrators, the HPS-group meanwhile participates with flight hardware in significant science- and telecommunications missions, like:

  • Heinrich Hertz with prime OHB Germany: Ka-band antenna for internet applications
  • ExoMars 2016 with prime TAS-Italy: complete MLI equipment for the EDM landing module
  • EUCLID with prime TAS-Italy: MLI for the sunshield/solar array, secondary sructure parts, MGSE, assembly services.

The quality of HPS performances on this hightest possible level in the space business has been testified by primes by awarding the title of „preferred supplier“ to HPS and official letters acknowledging flexibility and passion of the HPS teams working day and night to fulfill integration tasks directly at their flight hardware.

Landing module EDM with golden MLI made by HPS,
mounted on the ExoMars 2016 spacecraft,
during vibration tests at Thales Alenia Space