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Successful HPS workshop on radiation shielding development

November 2014

The European Space Agency has recently awarded HPS GmbH a GSTP-contract on “Evaluation of lighter and more efficient radiation protection for electronics and sensitive parts”. At the beginning of this activity a workshop took place bringing together European industries and institutes working in the field of radiation shielding for space applications.

The objectives of the workshop were to survey the state-of-the-art in shielding technology, review lessons learnt from previous projects and identify the future application areas and needs where more efficient shielding would be beneficial (e.g. for cost saving, mass saving, use of non radiation-hard parts etc.).

About 20 expertes attended and contributed to the workshop that was concluded very sucessfully. On this note, many thanks to the people shown below but also to the organisation assistants.

Attending entities were: Tesat-Spacecom, Max-Planck-Institute, OHB System AG, Fraunhofer INT, HPS GmbH, DLR, Technische Universität München (TUM), Thales Alenia Space Deutschland, Serenum a.s., ESA, STT-System Technik GmbH and HPS.