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Satellite Communications – Strategic Technology behind Germany´s Economy and Growth

April 2015

Practically no other space-technology provides so much impact on the future development of competitive knowledge- and information-societies like satellite communications. That is why the German ministry of economy and energy and DLR invited the leading companies in this field to the annual satcom-conference from March 25th to 26th in Bonn.

Prominently present among large system integrators (LSI) and small product suppliers (SME): HPS, the mid-sized antenna specialist and leading space-subsystem manufacturer. The Munich based R&D-division of HPS has welcome professionals at its attractive display centering around the company´s latest developments in the field of Q/V-band antennas, multilayer insulation (MLI) and large deployable antennas (LDA) and offered lectures about Q/V-band technologies at HPS as well as on its Ka-band antenna of Heinrich Hertz satellite.