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Q/V-Band Feeder Link Antenna Successfully Tested

Mai 2015

During May 2015 a large top deck feeder link antenna (Gregorian configuration, main reflector diameter: 1200 mm, sub-reflector diameter: 700 mm) working in Q/V-Band (Tx: 37.5 – 40.5 GHz, Rx: 47.2 – 50.2 GHz) has been successfully tested in the brand new RF Compact Range of the University of Applied Sciences in Munich.

HPS has developed this dual reflector antenna under contract to ESA since 2012. It was designed for European coverage, 8 gateways for nominal operations and 2 gateways for diversity sites. The reflector design is based on HPS’s Q/V-Band technology initiated in 2003 and flying on the German satellite Heinrich Hertz. The RF test has been performed under the lead of Prof. Fasold, a world wide acknowledged Antenna test expert.