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LDRS successfully passed the Requirements Review #2

March 2022

LDRS successfully passed the Requirements Review #2

Following, in 2021, the successful passing of both the Copernicus Imaging Microwave Radiometer (CIMR) System Requirements Review and the Large Deployable Reflector Subsystem (LDRS) TRL 5 Declaration milestones, our CIMR-LDRS team has now successfully passed, in March 2022, the LDRS Requirements Review #2.  Design requirements for the Ka-band LDRS EQM are now frozen and the EQM detailed design can begin.

Upcoming major milestones in 2022 include both the LDRS ICD Freeze and the LDRS TRL 6 Declaration this Summer, followed by the LDRS PDR planned in Q4, 2022. An important part of the LDRS TRL 6 Declaration milestone is the successful execution of Environmental Test campaign of the 8m diameter LEOB-EM Deployable Reflector by our partner, LSS, being performed at INTA (SP) under the Prime Contract leadership of HPS. Random and Sine Vibration testing is complete and Thermal Vacuum testing is currently in-progress.

CIMR is part of the European Space Agency (ESA) Copernicus program and on CIMR, HPS-Germany is the Prime Contractor for the LDRS under direct contract to the Mission Prime, Thales Alenia Space-Italy. HPS is working closely with its partner, LSS, as the Large Deployable Reflector responsible, and 15 other subcontractors and suppliers from 7 European nations to produce the first-ever all-European LDRS.