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Key to Future Space-Com and Earth Observation: Large Deployable Antennas

Januar 2015

Under the auspices of the German ministry of economy and energy and DLR Germany had decided to entrust a team of SME-companies under the lead of RWTH-Aachen and several other highly renowned institutes with studies about mission profiles and potentials based on large deployable antenna (LDA)-applications, named SMERALDA (SME´s Radar and Large Deployable Antenna). HPS, the mid-sized antenna specialist and leading space-subsystem manufacturer, was responsible for the central LDA-part of the project that provided a respective concept for a small-scale-mission using a 5-meter LDA.

The study was successfully finished mid December 2014 and presented to a large audience at the German Space Agency in Bonn including to one of DLR’s directors Mr. Christoph Hohage.