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Integration of Multilayer Insulation for Flight onto Mars Finalized

July 2015

In January 2016, ESA launches the space mission ExoMars on its way to Mars. Arriving 9 months later in the Mars Orbit, the “Entry, Descent and Landing Module” (EDM) will separate from the mother ship and will land on the surface of Mars.

HPS Group received the contract for the complete Multilayer Insulation for the EDM-Lander in 2012. All internal and external blankets, ranging from tank-MLI, high temperature thruster MLI, standard tube MLI up to TPS-attached MLI, have been developed and manufactured by HPS Portugal until beginning 2015.

In plenty different integration campaigns during day and night, on site of the Customer ThalesAleniaSpace, Italy, HPS successfully attached more than 150 sheets directly on the flight hardware.
In April 2015 the whole spacecraft has been vibration tested under control of ESA.
And now, in July, HPS finalized its service with the last MLI AIT activities.
All HPS staff is proud to fly to Mars soon and thanks its Customers TAS-I and ESA for their trust in our capabilities.

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© Photo by ESA/TAS
© Photo by HPS Portugal