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HPS workshop on radiation shielding development – REGISTER NOW!

September 2014

The European Space Agency has recently awarded HPS GmbH a GSTP-contract on “Evaluation of lighter and more efficient radiation protection for electronics and sensitive parts”.

At the beginning of this activity a workshop will be performed that represents a forum of bringing together between 15 and 30 experts from European industries and institutes working in the field of radiation
shielding for space applications. Contributions from non-space industries and institutes are highly appreciated as well.

The objectives of the workshop are to survey the state-of-the-art in shielding technology, review lessons learnt from previous projects and identify the future application areas and needs where more efficient shielding would be beneficial (e.g. for cost saving, mass saving, use of non radiation-hard parts etc.). Different types of shielding shall be addressed, including spot-shielding, add-on shielding, as well as shielding using enclosures.

30th & 31st October 2014, Munich
The preliminary programme will be published in due time after evaluation of the RSVPs and presentation contributions. The following overall schedule is planned.

Day 1 – 30th October 2014
On 30th October 2014, 11:30 registration and welcome including snacks. Opening sessions by the host and its partners will take place, starting at 13:00 (allowing for arrival at the same day). After that, the first presentations on radiation shielding shall be held.

Day 2 – 31st October 2014
The second day (October 31) starting at 09:00 is devoted to further presentations on radiation shielding, followed by a discussion board that summarises the key outcomes of the preceding presentations. The end of day 2 is estimated to be in the afternoon.