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German Space Agency (DLR) Awarded TRISTAN-C Contract to Thales Alenia Space in Germany (TAS-DE) with HPS as Subcontractor

Oktober 2017

On 4th of August 2017 the German Space Agency (DLR) agency has awarded the TRISTAN-C activity to Thales Alenia Space in Germany, aiming at the development of a new material for electronic housings to foster the use of COTS electronics in space. As referencecase a high-speed on-board computer electronic equipment of TAS-DE was chosen. The kick-off took place on 4th of September at the agency in Bonn. HPS Germany has been contracted for the development of the electronic housing.

With this contract the German Space Agency DLR takes Thales Alenia Space in Germany on board its Component Initiative to develop and realise innovative space technology for increased competitiveness.

The first ideas date back in 2005 when the use of CFRP was considered for electronic housings and HPS had been contracted by ESA for a related technology study. In the meantime HPS has performed several developments on CFRP electronic housings for different applications and in contract to different customers. In each contract different targets have been in focus (thermal, structural, electromagnetic shielding, radiation shielding, production process); TRISTAN-C now combines all of them in parallel.

Although the similar thermal expansion of CFRP electronic boxes simplifies the mounting on the CFRP panels of the satellite, the major innovation is the development of a new hybrid composite material. It balances the mass saving against improved space radiation shielding while solving also the thermal and electrical conductivity issues.

The project is promoted by the DLR Agency with funds of the Ministry of Economy and Energy based on an act of the German Federal Parliament under the support code 50YB1703.